Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'll Get There

Even though the thought had for a long time been dancing around in the back of his brain, Rob suddenly awakened to the fact that his job applications were due. The very concept arrested his hand, and the fork with it, midway to his mouth.

The ravioli, however, were delicious. Glistening with olive oil, and peppered with garlic and oregano they must have been. Admittedly, he couldn’t taste much. For him, they were like greasy mush in his mouth. But oh so glorious. The texture…

I should really get to those applications he thought.

With a full stomach, he lay on the couch staring at the ceiling. Nothing seemed to move. It was peaceful and quiet…except for the low muffled sounds of a youtube video in the background. Slowly the noises around him sharpened and pierced his brain, like tuning a radio station out of the static. There was rupturous barking. The dog often barked at the leaves blowing across the yard. Knowing this, Rob didn't twitch a finger. Slowly things settled back into a blur and he sank into the couch.

The lamp buzzed. Light seeped through a crack in his eyelids. Ugh. I need to edit my resume. Maybe I’ll bring my laptop here.

But there was still the matter of the dish. The water numbed him as it ran over his fingers and down the drain. The steam rose up from the sink, condensing on the window, the tip of his nose, his eyelashes. He could feel the wetness of the air with every gulp of breath. He could also sense a hint of garlic wafting from the remaining ravioli in the pot. Shame to let them go to waste. He didn’t like them as much the next day; they were never so mushy.

Maybe I can send cover letters tomorrow. What’s another day?

Rob took a large bite out of his motivation, chewing it well. The episode of Planet Earth was coming to an end. Whoever did the filming was a genius! The cinematography and colors were breathtaking, mesmerizing. The flying fish were too. Isn’t it fascinating that birds and fish would independently evolve similar physiological traits? He felt himself trailing off into a downward spiral of thought.

No, I should do the emails tonight (He knew he wouldn’t make time to do them tomorrow). But first I should pee...

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