Thursday, March 10, 2011

History Doesn't Sell Like It Used To

What ever happened to the History Channel? I mean, where's the history-related programming??

Admittedly, I don't watch TV anymore. I've lost interest. Once upon a time there was a channel called TLC ("The Learning Channel") and there was always something interesting on. However, at some point TLC dumped the educational programming in favor of shows about home make-overs. TV was never the same again. MTV gave up on the music. "Reality" shows became all the rage across the networks. Given these trends, even Roseanne began to look like quality television.

But even while TV-land was decaying into a barren wasteland, there were at least two or three channels that remained bastions of hope. The History Channel was one of them. I mean, sure they were a little heavy on WW-II programming, but at least they mixed in plenty of other marginally entertaining stuff. Granted, the History Channel was always populist history, but at least it was history. Now I'm not even sure what to call the channel. There's just no history to be had. Every time I happen to catch a glimpse, there's a show on about aliens, bigfoot or Nostradamus and the apocalypse. So much for that, I guess. Just another nail in the TV coffin.

But, let us not despair! At least there's the internet! In fact, the internet has pretty much replaced TV for me. It's where I get all my news, information and entertainment. And, there's PBS. Thank goodness for that too. Let's hope they don't screw it all up by cutting federal funding to public broadcasting.

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